All children attending the nursery will be provided with a mid-morning snack, two course hot lunch (for full day) and an afternoon snack.

Special dietary requirements provided for.

Jelly Totz aim to provide children with a wide selection of nutritious and appetising foods, all prepared in our on-site kitchen, we believe in encouraging children to chose a well-balanced healthy and varied diet.

Children will be praised when they eat food but will never be pressured into eating a particular food.

Personal hygiene, independence and table etiquette will be encouraged at all mealtimes, as we believe this to be an important skill for all children and adults.

For weaning babies
Food from our daily menu will be liquidised unless parents wish to provide their own.

Babies requiring milk feed
Parents will be required to provide enough feeds for the day, clearly labelled. These will be kept refrigerated and used when required.

We believe in using quality locally sourced meats where possible, currently we buy from Pat's Butchers on Little Aston Lane.